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Filter & Clean AIr Solution

Camfil is the solution to keep your work space and space clean. Camfil has been used globally to benefit human health, improve performance and reduce energy consumption in a variety of air filtration applications.

Camfil helps protect sensitive industrial process rooms, prevents microbiological contamination in research laboratories, and removes airborne contaminants in the healthcare sector. Camfil filters are tested to EN 1822 and ISO 29463 standards.

Several industrial companies that are very strict about the quality requirements of filtration products have trusted Camfil products because Camfil has EPA, HEPA, and ULPA certifications. These filters help protect against health consequences, such as when a production process contaminates food or a contagious virus spreads outside research laboratories.

PT. TSD is an authorized supplier of Camfil products. We will provide the best quality products for your company's filtration needs. Contact us for further information.

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