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Press Release - IFFA 2019


IFFA 2019: Habasit exhibits innovative belting solutions and services to support clean, safe and efficient meat processing

Habasit, world market leader for conveyor and processing belts, presents their innovative conveyor belt solutions in combination with an effective and resource-saving hygiene concept at the IFFA trade fair in Hall 9.1, booth C51. In addition to the tried-and-tested solutions for the meat industry, the Cleandrive™ and HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts, which are easy to clean and offer optimum running characteristics for many applications Habasit will showcase the new X-ray visible and metal detectable version of the Cleandrive belt. Also on display will be brand new, enhanced concept for the already well-recognized HyCLEAN range of solutions. With these techniques and solutions food producers can meet the strictest legal requirements, reduce operating costs and improve the environmental footprint.

Reinach/Switzerland, April 2019 – One of the main topics of meat processing industry is safe and clean process chain. Moving food products between processing stations, to packaging machines and storage areas, food processors must meet strict requirements for hygiene and safe food handling. Habasit provides a comprehensive portfolio of innovative belt solutions which is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the meat processing industry. The company, a leading global manufacturer of conveyor and processing belts, will present their innovative solutions at IFFA, No. 1 exhibition for the meat industry, from May 4 to 9 2019 in Hall 9.1, booth C51.

The first X-ray visible and metal detectable monolithic belt from Habasit
Habasit Cleandrive™ monolithic reinforced conveyor belts provide significant advantages in hygienic design and cleanability. Targeting hygiene sensitive applications in the food processing industry, particularly in processes that currently use plastic modular belts, the advanced Habasit Cleandrive™ technology meets the most stringent requirements while delivering exceptional performance.

At the IFFA Habasit presents its first X-ray visible and metal detectable belts. Based on the Habasit Cleandrive™ CD.M50.S-UA.CB, this new belt is specially designed for food applications where the identification of product contamination, including abraded belt material, is particularly critical. Metal detection allows the rejection of food goods containing metal fragments, while X-ray scanning ensures the detection of foreign bodies, including non-metallic objects, in the finished goods. The TPU belt material can be identified using both types of detection, and thus supports both safety and food quality.

HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts for safe and efficient meat processing
Habasit has constantly improved the design of plastic modular belts to make them even more suitable for demanding meat cutting and processing applications. HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts feature dynamic open hinges to improve easy cleaning and the release of debris. The patented HyCLEAN product family has a unique hygienic design that enables 85% access to the pivot-rod and 100% hinge accessibility for improved and efficient cleaning. At this year’s edition of IFFA the company will take the future of hygiene in plastic modular belts even further with a completely new design and concept for highly cleanable belt. This new engineering approach is a game changer for ensuring clean, food safe processing and has been developed with focus on benefits of the food processors, as well as retailers, considering solutions, which can positively impact the shelf life of food products.

Next to innovative products such as the HabasitLINK® Micropitch belts running on nosebar applications with diameter as small as 7mm, Habasit offers many plastic modular belts suitable for installation on spiral cooling or freezing systems. The plastic modular spiral belts achieve remarkable waste reductions thanks to their improved release and non-marking properties. HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts also enable considerable energy savings compared to the use of heavy metal belts. Faster installation, repairs and cleaning are additional advantages of plastic modular spiral belts. To ensure the optimal installation and performance of spiral systems, Habasit has established dedicated teams to evaluate and install spiral systems.

Habasit Saniclip for fast, hygienic and easy joining
The Habasit Saniclip is an innovative system for quick and easy belt installations and repairs. This unique feature, first designed to fit with the HabasitLINK® range of plastic modular belts allowing them to be taken apart without any tools or special skills within a few seconds. The solution is now available also for the Habasit Cleandrive™ belts, extending the benefits of this time-saving and hygienic joining to a wider range of applications in the food processing industry. With its distinctive color, Habasit Saniclip is easy to identify and makes belt installations and removal for cleaning more simple and reliable than ever before.

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