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Powder Handling System

The world of international processing is made up of a wide variety of industries and companies. DMN-WESTINGHOUSE has been designing and manufacturing rotary valves, diverter valves, and related components for the solid bulk handling industry for more than 48 years. As an independent company not involved in system design, DMN's main activity is the development, manufacture and sale of these components.

DMN-WESTINGHOUSE offers tailor-made solutions for the global food, dairy, plastics, (Petro), pharmaceutical, minerals, electricity and biomass industries. The DMN range of rotary valves and diverter valves consists of a number of universal components suitable for many applications. DMNs also have a variety of specialized components for use in specific industries or for handling specific products.

Strict hygiene specifications and low capacity are often required in the pharmaceutical industry, DMN makes SAL small sanitary air lock systems specially designed to meet these requirements.

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