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New Market for Simatek Bulk Systems


Simatek Bulk Systems A/S and Laksesystemer AS, Norway have entered into an agreement regarding Simatek Universal Elevators for Laksesystemer’s clients in the aqua culture.

Laksesystemer AB has been looking for a technology to handle large capacities for land based aqua basins. Until now the transportation of aqua feed has been handled with trucks, big bags and silos. This has been very resource-intensive logistically says director of Laksesystemer, Ole Gabriel Kverneland. “We have spent a lot of time finding a new solution and are very pleased with this new cooperation.”

“For Simatek Bulk Systems a land based aqua basin is a new market although conveying fragile pellets is something we have very good experience with, says Christian Andersen, CEO of Simatek Bulk Systems.”

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