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Delavan the Leading Innovator

The tradition started with the original SDX ® Nozzle and continues with the latest SDX ® family of nozzles. This product line, specifically designed for the spray drying industry, includes five centrifugal pressure nozzles: the Mini SDX ® , Compact SDX ®, SDX ®, SDX ® III and SDX ® V.

Each of these products is built on Delavan's unique single inlet spiral swirl chamber design and highly polished orifice. This combination swirl chamber and orifice produces a limitless number of combinations to supply virtually any flow rate and spray angle. This means the nozzle can be 'fine tuned' to almost any dyer or application.

1950s - Original Development of SDX®

The Delavan SDX ® range of spray drying nozzles set the standard by which other nozzles are judged. Originally developed in 1950, the first SDX ® uses a classic eight part construction nozzle made from Stainless Steel and would typically be used for high pressure and high temperature applications. Originally developed in the USA, the original SDX® was a modern solution to hundreds of spray drying applications across the globe.

1980s - SDX® III

Delavan continued to develop its market leading technology with the SDX III ®, utilizing the proven design of nozzle geometry used in SDX but making it easier for production operators to work with. By making the assembly hand tighten rather than specifying torque settings for certain aspects of the nozzle resulted in reduced production downtime.

2002 - SDX® V

The SDX V® is the first to hold a patent on the revolutionary swirl chamber design, with a single inlet, which minimises plugging and maximises particle uniformity. The engineering work, combined with feedback from thousands of users around the world, generates opportunities to improve the performance of the product as well as lowering the cost of ownership and simplifying maintenance. The SDX® V features an eight part construction and is the world's most user friendly spray drying nozzle, requiring only hand tight engagement of the nozzle body into the adaptor throughout the pressure range. The SDX® V also features an improved wear life / performance and effortless maintenance for the lowest total cost of ownership.

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