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New Alfa Laval AQUA Blue Mini Freshwater Generator

The convenience and efficiency of Alfa Laval AQUA freshwater generation technology is now available to a wider range of vessels. With its tiny footprint and low OPEX, the new AQUA Blue Mini meets needs of 1–18 m3 of fresh water per day – creating a smarter alternative to bunkered water or reverse osmosis.

Introduced in 2008, AQUA freshwater generation technology uses a revolutionary 3-in-1 process where evaporation, separation and condensation occur in a single plate pack. Compact and energy efficient, this game-changing technology can now be used to meet smaller needs.

“AQUA technology has a history of making things smaller and simpler,” says Serdar Sengun, Head of Marine Heat Transfer Sales at Alfa Laval. “The AQUA Blue freshwater generator cut seawater needs and electrical power consumption in half compared to previous solutions. The AQUA Blue Mini nearly cuts size in half again, but above all it brings AQUA benefits to the smallest capacity range.”

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