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Insudtrial BELT & CHAIN

A conveyor is a part of a moving machine for transporting large quantities of goods from one point to another in the industry. Conveyors use a belt system connected to two or more rotating pulleys that are used to transport the material. One or more pulleys are connected to the generator so that it will drive the tire or belt circuit. There are many types of conveyor machines that are widely used by the industry, some of the most popular are Belt Conveyors and Chain Conveyors.

Both are used to move goods in large quantities, the difference lies in the driving base. Belt Conveyors usually use thermoplastic materials (polyester, polyvinyl chloride, silicon, and polyethylene), metal (stainless, carbon steel), fabrics and tires or rubber as the base. Belt conveyors are often seen in large airports to move large amounts of luggage. While chain conveyors use chains made of plastic or steel to move material, we can find many in the food and automotive industries.

We sell various types of conveyor belts and conveyor chains with the best quality from well-known brands such as CONTINENTAL CONTITECH, HABASIT, HONGS BELT, LANGEN, MURTFELDT and UNI CHAIN. We also sell packaging machines to make it easier for companies to make large amounts of packaging in minutes. Please check our products below.

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