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Manajemen Turnkey Spray Dry Pabrik

Our Spray Dry and Evaporator are the most recognized products in food processing machines market. We have an in-house laboratory with the demo units for our customers which may want to try to run the machines with their materials first.

We also have food processing specialists helping with the machine adjustment in order to achieve the best result for our customer products. Engineered Thingking 3-step process:

  • Phase I : Basic Engineered Design

  • Phase II : Detailed Design, Procurement, Fabrication and Factory Testing

  • Phase III : Shipping, Installation and Start-Up Support

Water Evaporation 10 liter/hr @ 350C

SDE-10 Euro 2

  • Ideal for education and university research

  • Fine adjustable Feed

  • Fine adjustable Hot Air Flow

  • Accurate ± 0-1 Temperature control

  • Adjustable Residence Time of Power in Drying Chamber

  • Ready for every Method of Atmoization

Water Evaporation 50 liter/hr @ 350C

SDE-50 Euro 2

  • Ideal for food and pharmaceutical industries the SME

  • You can adjust the spray profile at all levels

  • Easy Operation by Fine adjustment feed

  • High Accurate Temperature control, precisely ± 0 electrically.

  • You can adjust the drying time

  • Ready for every Method of Atmoization

Evaporation of Water 100 liters / hour @ 350C
SDE-100 Euro 2

  • Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industry, SMEs

  • You can customize the spray profile at all levels

  • Easy operation with fine adjustment feed

  • High temperature setting precision, ± 0 electrically to be precise.

  • You can adjust the drying time

  • Ready for any atomization method

Evaporation of Water 150 liter / hour @ 350C
SDG-150 EURO 2

  • Low investment compared to imports from Europe

  • Energy use is more efficient because it uses LPG gas

  • You can make a thorough adjustment of the spray liquid and heat.

  • High efficiency in the oven heating process

  • Temperature can be controlled precisely

  • You can adjust the drying time

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