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DriveTag - Efficient Material Flow and Startup


SEW-EURODRIVE, we don't just supply product. We support you in optimizing your processes. Do you want to automate your incoming goods processes and optimize the flow of goods? Our DriveTag barcode label is your solution! It significantly increases the efficiency of your material flow, startup, and delivery.


DriveTags are functional barcodes with data defined by you. For example, they may contain the SEW serial number, your material number, or your project number. They allow you to identify drives simply and electronically. Furthermore, all deliveries and their internal processing can be controlled efficiently using DriveTag. Time and effort needed in your receiving department are reduced and the internal material flow becomes more dynamic.


We are happy to supply DriveTags for your drives and packages upon request. It is very easy and straightforward. You select the type of barcode and all of the data that you want it to contain. We do the rest! You can use the plain text recorded for drive identification even without a scanner.

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